Package by package overview


Now that you’ve had a chance to browse the examples and their tests, here’s an overview of the packages you’ll find in Terratest’s modules folder and how they can help you test different types infrastructure:

Package Description
aws Functions that make it easier to work with the AWS APIs. Examples: find an EC2 Instance by tag, get the IPs of EC2 Instances in an ASG, create an EC2 KeyPair, look up a VPC ID.
azure Functions that make it easier to work with the Azure APIs. Examples: get the size of a virtual machine, get the tags of a virtual machine.
collections Go doesn’t have much of a collections library built-in, so this package has a few helper methods for working with lists and maps. Examples: subtract two lists from each other.
docker Functions that make it easier to work with Docker and Docker Compose. Examples: run docker compose commands.
environment Functions for interacting with os environment. Examples: check for first non empty environment variable in a list.
files Functions for manipulating files and folders. Examples: check if a file exists, copy a folder and all of its contents.
gcp Functions that make it easier to work with the GCP APIs. Examples: Add labels to a Compute Instance, get the Public IPs of an Instance, Get a list of Instances in a Managed Instance Group, Work with Storage Buckets and Objects.
git Functions for working with Git. Examples: get the name of the current Git branch.
http-helper Functions for making HTTP requests. Examples: make an HTTP request to a URL and check the status code and body contain the expected values, run a simple HTTP server locally.
k8s Functions that make it easier to work with Kubernetes. Examples: Getting the list of nodes in a cluster, waiting until all nodes in a cluster is ready.
logger A replacement for Go’s t.Log and t.Logf that writes the logs to stdout immediately, rather than buffering them until the very end of the test. This makes debugging and iterating easier.
logger/parser Includes functions for parsing out interleaved go test output and piecing out the individual test logs. Used by the terratest_log_parser command.
oci Functions that make it easier to work with OCI. Examples: Getting the most recent image of a compartment + OS pair, deleting a custom image, retrieving a random subnet.
packer Functions for working with Packer. Examples: run a Packer build and return the ID of the artifact that was created.
random Functions for generating random data. Examples: generate a unique ID that can be used to namespace resources so multiple tests running in parallel don’t clash.
retry Functions for retrying actions. Examples: retry a function up to a maximum number of retries, retry a function until a stop function is called, wait up to a certain timeout for a function to complete. These are especially useful when working with distributed systems and eventual consistency.
shell Functions to run shell commands. Examples: run a shell command and return its stdout and stderr.
ssh Functions to SSH to servers. Examples: SSH to a server, execute a command, and return stdout and stderr.
terraform Functions for working with Terraform. Examples: run terraform init, terraform apply, terraform destroy.
test_structure Functions for structuring your tests to speed up local iteration. Examples: break up your tests into stages so that any stage can be skipped by setting an environment variable.

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